Strong stance on ventilation issues at Nordbygg 2020

This year, ventilation issues will have an even more expanded role at Nordbygg, 
when the industry organisation Svensk Ventilation (Swedish Ventilation) comes 
together with Svensk Automation (Swedish Automation) on the new stage 
- The Indoor Climate Arena. Apart from a packed programme on the stage, there 
are several exhibitors in the ventilation area who are highlighting the latest within 
indoor climate.

Digitalization and AI are becoming more important in the construction industry and 
the ventilation sector is no exception. At Nordbygg’s large stage, The Indoor Climate Arena, 
lecturers from the industry, from technical colleges, government agencies and research 
institutes will highlight news and show good examples of ventilation solutions.

Britta Permats, CEO at Svensk Ventilation (Swedish Ventilation), says that energy 
efficiency is still highly topical in the ventilation industry and in the connection between 
indoor climate, health and productivity. Also, climate change in the form of warmer 
weather will be an important parameter for the ventilation industry to adhere to in the future.

Real time info and man in the centre
Among the exhibitors focussing on ventilation issues are SISAB Skolfastigheter i Stockholm, 
Trox Auranor and InventiAir. SISAB are well advanced when it comes to AI technology in 
property management. With their digital system. SOLIDA, all ventilation is monitored in 
their properties in real time.

– Our sensor measures temperature and carbon dioxide content and the system offers a 
complete transparency. We don’t believe anything anymore - we know, says Niklas Dalgrip, 
Operations Manager at SISAB.

The Norwegian ventilation company Trox Auranor, who participated at the Nordbygg fair 
in 2018 for the first time, has 40 years’ experience of the ventilation industry and a large flexibility.

– We often make project specific solutions to some of our standard products or develop 
completely new solutions, says Tobias Wallbom, manager for Trox Auranor in Sweden.

To InventiAir, man is in the centre regarding all their operations. The company has cooperated 
with the Technical College in Gävle, which does research on ventilation systems, and can thanks 
to this offer unique products for all imaginable rooms.

– By using a combination of well-known ventilation techniques, we can use the natural laws more 
effectively. That gives better air, lower energy consumption and in the long run healthier and more 
efficient employees, says Martin Sellö, founder and CEO of InventiAir.