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Funicular railways operate with one or two cars or train sets running on a dedicated guideway or track and offer maximum availability in windy conditions.

Operation is normally in the to-and-fro mode, with a haul rope used to provide the traction. Maximum line speed is 14 m/s, and car or train capacity can be anything between 20 and 400 persons. Transport capacity can vary between 500 and 3,000 persons per hour, depending on car capacity, line speed and line length.

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Doppelmayr Scandinavia AB

Doppelmayr Scandinavia AB

Doppelmayr Scandinavia AB är världsledande tillverkare och leverantör inom linbaneteknik. Vi har en ledande position inom teknik och kvalitet för linbanor, kabinbanor, skidliftar, gondolliftar, lavinhissar och personhissar. Vår verksamhet omfattar Ropeway system för alltifrån persontransporter, så som skidliftar och självgående system för kollektivtrafik, till transportsystem för exempelvis byggmateriell.

The Doppelmayr/Garaventa Group is the world market leader in ropeway engineering and we prove our leadership in technology and quality everyday anew.
Our scope of business includes ropeway systems for passenger transport, material transport systems, avalanche blasting lifts, rope-propelled systems for public transport, automatic transport systems and general utilization concepts for cross-seasonal applications.