With a terrace enterance, or roof top enterance from Sliding Roof, you can access the roof from your livingroom.

Many buildings today are square roof top buildings, made of concrete.
The usage of the flat roof area on such buildings is very limited and often used to place ventilation outlets and AC units, leaving a large area of the roof unused. The left over area could be used for something nice, like a roof terrace with ballustrade, plants, wood deck etc.
-The only problem is the accessibility.

Once the roof gets accessible from inside the building, its not an so difficult to come up with ideas of how to use this new unused space.

A terrace enterance, or some times called a roof top enterance, is a skylight that retracts 75% of the covered area. With a push of a button the sliding glass roof opens up, giving you access to the roof top terrace.

Bennefits with a terrace enterance

Easy access to the roof terrace with a klick of a button
Automatically closes if it starts to rain, protecting your room
Natural light source of sun ligt
Ventilates the hot air on sunny days if opened up
Adds value to the building with its unique and attractive design.

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Sliding Roof

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