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Residential furniture

TAUMONA offers kitchen, bathroom, laundry furniture designed, engineered and produced for a specific project.

TAUMONA can fulfil any design requirement to the highest quality standards in the residential cabinet furniture sector. The know-how built up over 20+ years enables the company to offer the best suitable materials and appropriate technical solutions.

A wide range of materials is constantly kept in the company’s stock to ensure immediate manufacturing is available.

The design, production, project management and logistics are fully controlled by TAUMONA, to enable the complete execution of the projects.

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TAUMONA is a 20+ years second generation family-owned cabinet furniture manufacturer and seller operating from Baltics, Lithuania.

We currently supply residential and commercial furniture mainly to Scandinavian and Northern European markets. We offer high quality products both standard and bespoke for competitive pricing. We ensure flexible lead times by full control of the manufacturing process in our own premises. We also offer bulk stocking at our warehouse for fast fulfilment.

With our “TAUMONA Contract” division, we supply complex medium to large size projects to residential spaces and hospitality sector with cabinet furniture (find out more in linked "TAUMONA Contract Division Presentation"). In addition, we have just developed a new kitchen range which represents many years of Taumona’s experience in working with different kitchen projects converted into a single package of smart, modular and easy to understand kitchen cabinet system (see more in the attached link "Taumona Kitchen 2021"). For the maximised customer satisfaction - our kitchen system is run by a sophisticated software allowing immediate quotations even for large scale projects.

We also design and produce living and dining furniture collections under “TAUMONA Home” brand, as well as private label products.

We are FSC compliant company with high work ethics and time proven skills in product development. Our lean manufacturing and ability to quickly adapt to changing business environment helps our customers grow their businesses and provides them with confidence about their project success.

Key facts:
• TAUMONA established in 1998
• 7000 m2 production & warehousing facilities
• FSC compliant
• Annual turnover over 4M €
• ~120 employees
• Export share is 80%
• Current export markets: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, United Kingdom, Germany, France
• Well developed understanding of Scandinavian furniture sector standards

Why is TAUMONA a good partner?
• Technical & engineering proficiency to reach best function/price ratio
• Well developed supplier & contractor network
• Fully controlled project management
• Keeping customer’s costs stable by robust quality control
• Rapid sampling & mock-ups
• Well established transport links, overnight shipment
• Variety of materials to deliver smashing designs
• Flexibility in quantity allowing various scope projects
• Reducing customers stocking costs and ensuring short lead times by bulk stocking at our warehouse
• Meeting sharp deadlines and enabling our customers to execute the most challenging projects
• High work ethics
• Warranty & post warranty service to guarantee long term customer satisfaction